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Self-Showing Technology

Self-Tour with Instant Access

Home Shopping On Your Schedule

Equipped with smart home technology, the majority of our Move-In Ready homes are able to be self-toured on your schedule—from 8am-6pm, 365 days a year.

Setting an appointment can be done quickly onsite via your mobile phone or in advance, and it is completely managed all online through our partnership with a self-showing company named Rently.

Need help? Want to speak to a human? Our new home sales team is happy to help, and they are available during working hours by phone at 469-208-1846 or at our community sales centers (if applicable). 


If you are a real estate agent, please book your showing through MLS or the community sales centers (if applicable). This is imperative for us to properly connect your involvement with a given home buyer and ensure our commissions process is followed and paid correctly. 

How to Self-Tour an Ameritex Home

4 Steps to Self-Showings

Start your home shopping experience by searching our website for a home that best fits your needs. You will be able to filter by location, price, amenities, and more.

Once you select a home you’d like to tour, you will be able to click the ‘Schedule a Self-Tour’ button on the contact form on that individual property listing. 

If that button is missing, this particular home may not yet be ready for self-tour. Please contact our sales team for further assistance. 

When you click the ‘Schedule a Self-Tour’ button on our website, it will take you to our partner’s website, Rently.com. You will see the property information, and a button that says, ‘Self Tour Now’. Click that button and follow the prompts. Once completed, you will be instructions to access the home during your allotted showing time.

Arrive at the home during your scheduled tour time, and enter the unique serial ID # found at the door or in your confirmation text message.

Once that serial ID # is provided, you will be given a one-time access code that will work during your allotted showing time.

After your tour is complete, please return to the front door upon exiting, and press the check mark to lock the home behind you, and please provide feedback.

NOTE: To use this self-tour service, you will be charged a minimal convenience fee of approximately $1.99 and be required to upload a photo ID and selfie to confirm your identification. This process is to protect you as a consumer and the home during tours.

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