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The Pinecone Advantage

Economical & Eco-Friendly

Designed for Sustainability, longevity & Cost Savings

Ameritex Homes® is driven by sustainability. Our goal is to create a quality, cost-efficient home with long-term savings.

By equipping our homes with the latest energy-efficient technology, durable building materials and warranted workmanship, Ameritex Homes® is able to achieve a superior energy rating, increased cost savings and minimized energy consumption than the average household.

Ameritex Homes® is able to achieve an energy rating that is 30 percent more efficient, and those energy efficiencies create an average annual savings of over $1,200. 

With an Ameritex home, you are receiving the latest in new home technology designed to make living more comfortable and efficient all while reducing your cost of living.

Transparent Pricing Promise

The purpose of the Pinecone Advantage is to drive down cost for consumers. To that end, we promise to provide transparent pricing that is inclusive of all features and upgrades of a home.
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Energy-Efficient & Durable Building Materials​

Interior Features

An Ameritex home comes with LED lights throughout. They not only have an extremely long lifespan but also use a fraction of the electricity. This translates into lowering energy costs and improved performance over other builders who utilize CFL bulbs.

Kitchens and bathrooms come standard with durable wood contemporary shaker style cabinet doors and fronts.  This durable material is typically an upgraded over other builders’ particle board cabinets and also a nice modern design feature.

Upgraded stone countertops are both easy to clean and durable for everyday use. Compare this to other laminate countertops that can peel easily and tend to be difficult to clean.

This BIG water heater will make it hard to take cold showers. Compared to both a 30- or 40-gallon water heater, a 50-gallon water heater not only has a larger capacity but is also more energy efficient and cost effective.

The safety of you and your family is always our priority. When one alarms sounds, they all sound to alert the whole family.
Washing dishes in a new ENERGY STAR® certified dishwasher typical costs only $35 a year to run and can cut your utility bills by an average of $111 per year. Over the lifetime of the appliance, the dishwasher alone will save an average of 3,870 gallons of water.

Exterior Features

Low emissivity glass reduces the infiltration of radiant heat from the sun. Compare this to metal insulated windows which increases the transfer of heat.
Engineered to battle the Texas soil, this foundation is remarkably stable and reduces the potential for cracks in the brick or drywall. Ameritex builds across the state of Texas, and will always examine the locations needs prior to construction. The foundation’s construction may vary to best fit the terrain it is located in.
Lowering an attic’s temperature by up to 30° F, a radiant barrier shield can reduce monthly cooling costs by blocking up to 97 percent of the radiant external heat.

Fiberglass doors exhibit several benefits that include durability–the material typically won’t warp, rot or rust, and performance–sturdy for safety purposes and also expertly insulated to boost energy efficiency.

SEER refers to the energy rating of an HVAC unit. With a SEER rated unit matching the need of your home, you are seeing a difference of up to 50 percent more efficiency than that of a standard air conditioning unit in an older homes.

Texas summers are synonymous with heat. However, utilizing newer ventilation techniques and materials in the eaves of your home, allows hot air to be circulated out of your attic to help increase the efficiency of your air conditioning unit.

A well-insulated home helps keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. We utilize R-50 blown insulation on flat ceilings, R-13 in exterior walls and R-22 in sloped areas of the home.

Equipping your new home with a 25- or 30-year shingles provides excellent durability and performance that is designed to combat higher winds and last for many years to come.

Although small gaps and cracks might seem minimal, they can cause significant energy-efficiency issues without you even knowing the problem exists. Ameritex uses spray foam, weather-stripping and PolySeal to creates an airtight house. This keeps the air you are paying for inside.

We use the industry-leading durable and energy-efficient siding that looks beautiful and is also paintable if you choose to change colors.

All our hose bibs contain an anti-siphon device to prevent contaminated water from flowing back into the house. Additionally, depending on the region, many of our exterior faucets come equipped with technology to stand up to colder winter weather better.

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