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How to Protect Yourself from Summer Pests

For many people, summertime is the most anticipated season of the year. It’s a time for vacations, picnics and other outdoor activities, and nice weather. One drawback to summer is that it brings out more pests. You aren’t likely to see insects during the cold-weather months, but they’re abundant in the summer. These pests can cause problems with your garden, lawn, flowerbeds, and other property features. They can also be a big annoyance to you and your family members. You don’t want to see pests such as ants, bees, spiders, and a host of other insects in your home. The good news is there are effective steps you can take to keep them away and keep yourself safe.

Wear Mosquito Repellent

If someone were to ask you if you knew what the most dangerous animal on earth was, you might be surprised to learn that the answer is the mosquito. Mosquitoes kill more humans each year than any other creature. Some figures estimate the number of human deaths surpasses one million annually.

Mosquitoes suck blood and pass on viruses from person to person. They can afflict people with malaria or West Nile virus.

The best way to protect yourself from these tiny insects is to wear mosquito repellent. This is especially true in the evening and near water sources. Repellent will protect you from bites and will lower your risk of getting sick.

Keep the House Clean

Focusing on the cleanliness of your home won’t just make it more comfortable: It will make it less prone to having unwanted creatures. Pests love a dirty house, as it provides them with places to hide and nest. Focus your attention on corners where dirt likes to gather. Sweeping and mopping regularly will discourage pests from stopping by. Pay close attention to areas behind and under furniture as well. Be vigilant about cleaning up crumbs and other morsels of food, as these will appeal to ants, cockroaches, rodents, and spiders. Cleaning your carpets will also chase away tiny fleas which can pose a threat to your pets.

Wear the Right Clothing for the Right Activities

Summer is a favorite time to shed some clothes and show more skin. This may be just fine for the beach and other appropriate places, but be cautious when you’re outdoors elsewhere. For example, if you decide to go hiking in the mountains, you’re much better off wearing longer clothing. Places that have brush and tall grass are perfect hideouts for ticks, which burrow themselves in your skin. Ticks carry diseases, including Lyme disease. When you’re out and about in the woods be mindful of contact with these pesky bugs. Stay on hiking trails instead of venturing off the beaten path. When camping, tuck your pants into your socks and check for ticks regularly.

Be Mindful of Standing Water

Water sports and activities are popular during the summer. The problem is, pests such as mosquitoes and other insects use these areas as breeding grounds. Look around the perimeter of your home for puddles that may attract these pests. Be cautious when spending time near ponds, such as when you are fishing. If you have a swimming pool or other water features in the backyard, use chlorine.

Come Inside When the Sun Goes Down

If you want to avoid getting attacked by pests, don’t spend too much time outside at dawn and dusk: This is when insects are most active and prevalent. This can be a challenging rule, as loafing around on your backyard deck or porch is inviting in the cool of the evening or night. If you choose to be out during these hours, take the proper precautions.

Trim Bushes and Plants

Flowerbeds and gardens can be gorgeous features in your yard. If you don’t maintain them, however, these become havens for spiders, ants, beetles, and a host of insects. Some of these pests won’t cause health or safety concerns, but they can be a big nuisance. A wise line of defense is to keep shrubbery and plants from growing out of control – especially those that are close to the home.

Store Wood Properly

If you’re gathering wood piles in preparation for the upcoming fall and winter, it’s best to store it in a shed or other secured spot. Be wary of piling it up against the house or under a deck since spiders and insects will love nesting and living there.

The warmer months are common times for little critters. It is not easy to avoid pests during the summer, but you can minimize your risks when you follow this advice. Keep these tips in mind and if they still persist consider hiring a pest professional in Texas, so you and your family members can enjoy the summer without such nuisances.

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